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Seco Furniture


At Seco, we strive to balance our processes with both cutting edge automation and old world craftsmanship. This balance enables us to be as efficient as possible while creating the best product in the industry.

Every Seco product is built to a customerís requirements once an order is received. A large portion of our manufacturing is for custom or modified designs. Because of this, we do not produce or warehouse significant inventory which leads to unneeded products, depletes resources, or creates waste. Our processes are designed to eliminate harmful solvents and waste. From biodegradable lubricants to high efficiency lighting, we strive to make our manufacturing as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

All of our legs start with aircraft grade aluminum.

Bulk staging of pieces in process before the machining operations begin.

Seco Furniture products are manufactured with the highest level of precision & cutting edge technologies.

Each component is hand-polished to ensure the highest surface finish and material quality.

In-process furniture staged after the anodizing operation; awaiting final assembly and packaging.


We take a great deal of pride in our ability to offer custom pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes for residential and commercial use. All Seco Furniture is manufactured in our North Canton, Ohio facility. This means we have virtually endless customization potential for customers. Our capabilities range from custom height requests and glass shapes to perfectly fit a customerís unique requirements.